Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Garden Fence

The chicken wire fence was nice while it lasted, but my dogs ran into it on occasion and so did I. It needed to come down. Time to build a fence (for the first time). It was easier than I thought.

Home Depot trip:
8x 2x4x10 lumber
96x 1x1x3 lumber
1 box of 4" screws
1 box of 3" screws
1 measuring tape (my old was needs some help)

Hardest part of the project (but definitely not the longest) was to get all the wood in my little car.

 I made one section at a time by cutting the 10 footers to length and putting on the rungs every 5.5 inches apart. The top lines up with the top of the 10' piece and the bottom 10' piece is at the 2' mark. Use the 3" screws. Next time, I want some knee pads and better music because this putting on rungs an measuring it out was really time consuming.

Then I ripped out the staples and chicken wire an attached the fence with a bunch of 4" screws. I did one section at a time to make sure the dogs stayed out of my garden.

Several hours later I had them all in, so I did the gate too.

Viva la... garden fence.

Lessons learned:
Hand saws are my enemy, borrow something more electric.
Count better next time, I have 14ish extra rungs.
Use bug spray when working at night.

(Here's how I did the lattice and garden)


  1. Looks good! I was thinking about doing something similar in my backyard. Using a fence calculator really helps when planning something like this out!

  2. This is great! We need a way to keep the dog out of the garden area, and this will work perfectly. Plus, it's affordable, which I love! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. How much did this project cost you?

    1. I usual put the cost on these projects, but I didn't on this one because it varies so much with the size of the garden. I should have put the cost of each piece for estimates though--sorry, it was 2 years ago.

  4. How deep do the corner posts go? This is perfect for what I am going to attempt to do this spring in an already boxed out 16x16 trampoline bed that will be replaced (hopefully) with a decent veg garden

    1. Since I was in Iowa, I was told to do 2 feet deep to get below the frost. So I dug 2 feet down, put in the post and poured in some quickrete or equivalent. If frost goes deeper, you may need a deeper footing. I recommend asking at Home Depot or Lowes, they seem to know what they're talking about.